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Brocere exhibits Realtime Smart Smoke/Fire IoT Detector in SmartCity Online 2020.

The "Smoke Fire/Wildfire Detection IoT System" developed by Brocere Electronics can provide real-time fire alarms and information.

The smoke and fire sensor can detect smoke and temperature every ten seconds, and immediately send alarm data to the user device when a fire occurs, to protect the security and fire disaster system, and to help users and firefighters in the shortest time quickly grasp the fire situation and immediately decide the escape and fire-fighting route. The sensor uses very low power consumption and can use solar modules, providing users with ten years of use time without the need to replace batteries.

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Brocere attends Sigfox CONNECT 2019 in Singapore, 2019 November


Brocere granted U.S. patent "Enhanced Harmonic Lock Free DLL for Skew Cancellation", no. US10419006


Brocere granted U.S. patent "Controlling both Current and Voltage of Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) device", no. US9672907


Brocere Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It has a full range of artificial intelligence IoT solution design capabilities, including: wireless sensing IC/module design with edge computing capabilities, cloud back-end to front-end, web/APP interface The design ability. Brocere Electronics has successfully designed two successful products: real-time GPS tracker and real-time smoke and fire alarm, both can be used with solar energy to achieve energy self-sufficiency, without charging and replacing batteries for 10 years of continuous use. At the same time, Brocere is also developing a cow’s physiological monitoring neck, which can detect the physiological state of the cow (eating, ruminating, activity, rest, drinking, lying or standing), and then predict the cow’s estrus and disease (for example: heat stress ) and other issues.

Brocere Electronics as well offers clients comprehensive and reliable Analog/Mix-Signal/RF IC design services with many successful records. Not only providing turn-key solution but complementing your original design teams, we are highly qualified to satisfy your IC development requirement. Average over 15 years experiences in the Analog/RF IC design field and familiar with most of the advanced EDA tools, Brocere experienced engineers has rigorous design discipline and solid design flow: from target specification to architecture definition, process evaluation, circuit design, layout floor plan, post-sim verification, to tape-out and back-end service. Every step is perfect control for one target: to deliver the best quality design on schedule for our clients. Our goal is: Customer Win, We Win!

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